Vereenigde Oliefabrieken
Vereenigde Oliefabrieken (United Oil Factories) from Holland, the best place to go for vegetable oils and fats for food, feed and technical industry.

Whether it is for baking, frying, deep-frying, or for salads, we offer a wide choice, including spreads such as margarine and mayonnaise. We are also famous for our heat-proof quality, especially developed for tropical climates.

For almost a century, VICTORIA has been a world-wide well-known brand of vegetable (cooking) oil, margarine and mayonnaise.

International registration and protection has been filed for the "VICTORIA" brand. In several countries, local companies have sole exclusive agreements to distribute the VICTORIA products. Please ask for more details to find out if one of the agents is located in the country you would like to export to.

Our brand GLORIA is an excellent alternative for the VICTORIA or HABIBI brand. GLORIA represents the same packing and quality products as our traditional brands. The GLORIA range also includes mayonnaise.

Since the beginning of the 20th century HABIBI has been one of our well-known brands of vegetable (cooking) oil, margarine and mayonnaise.

Like our other brands we have internationally registered and protected the "HABIBI" brand. The excellent track record of our "HABIBI" products is primarily based on supplying high quality product, which a competitive price, in suitable export packs.

VEGOLITA is one of our leading brands of vegetable (cooking) oil and margarine. This brand is well-known and established in many countries. Like our other brands, VEGOLITA is protected internationally.

Private label Oil and FatOil and Fa(c)ts


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